Otolaryngology clinic at Xàtiva

Dr Sánchez-Alcón

Ear, nose and throat

Dr. Mª D. Sánchez-Alcón

Ph.D. "cum laude" in medicine and surgery.
Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology and cervico-facial pathology

Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology

Dr. Sánchez-Alcón is a specialist in Otorhinolaryngology. 
She has an excellent academic record, having received the extraordinary PhD award of 1995 at the University of Valencia.

The Clinic

The clinic is situated in Xativa

As we are provided with the latest diagnostic equipment, the vast majority of the ailments can be effectively diagnosed during the same visit without the need for subsequent tests. With this diagnosis, a treatment plan can be developed with the appropriate treatment.


The best Equipment for the best diagnostic


We may need an otorhinolaryngologist if we suffer from a disease or exhibit the following symptoms.
Click on each section if you would like more information about the different ailments.



Nasal polyps
Deviation of the nasal septum
Nasal deformity
Loss of smell and / or taste
Snoring and sleep apnea


Tonsilitis and adenoids
Polyps and nodules of vocal cords
Throat tumors
Lumps in the neck
Diseases of the salivary glands
Thyroid diseases


Hearing loss
Dizziness and lightheadedness
facial paralysis
Deformed ears



I sound ill
I have a runny nose
I have a stuffy nose
I have to breathe through my mouth
I breathe heavily and I wake up with a dry mouth
I have a crooked nose
I do not like the shape of my nose
I have a dry nose or mucus
My nose bleeds
I have scabs in my nose
I've lost my sense of taste and / or smell
I snore and sometimes stop breathing at night


My throat hurts and feels compressed
I have trouble swallowing
I feel a lump in my throat
My throat is dry
My breath smells
My mouth bleeds
My tongue is rough
My voice is hoarse and has changed
I often have tonsilitis
I lose my voice when I talk a lot
I have a nasally voice
I have swelling of face and / or neck
I have a lump in my neck


I cannot hear well
I do not understand what people say
I hear a humming or noise inside my head or my ear
My ear hurts, oozes or bleeds
My ears are deformed
I have pressure and stuffiness in the ears
I suffer from pain or clogged ears after flying or diving
I suffer from dizziness, unsteadiness or everything spins
Half of my face is paralyzed
My baby may suffer hearing loss because my family has a history of deafness
My baby does not pass the deafness tests that are performed on all children at birth

Find us

In the city center of Xàtiva, Avda. Académico Maravall, 13.
Near the "Jose de Ribera" High School.
Five minute walk from the Renfe train station.

Doctora Sánchez Alcón
Otolaryngology Clinic

Carrer Académic Maravall, 13
46800 - Xàtiva (Valencia)

Telephone   96 228 16 99
Mobile   601 11 99 06