Sanchez-Alcon otolaryngology clinic

The clinic

The clinic is situated in Xativa in the centric “Avenida Academic Maravall, 13”, near the "Jose Ribera" High School, with easy parking spaces on the same street and a five minute walk from the bus stop or Renfe railway station.

We have a reception attended by an assistant, two waiting rooms, an office, and a ward for examination and operation.

If necessary, surgical intervention proceed at the Nou d'Octubre Hospital in Valencia.


As we are provided with the latest diagnostic equipment, the vast majority of the ailments can be effectively diagnosed during the same visit without the need for subsequent tests.

With this diagnosis, a treatment plan can be developed with the appropriate pharmacological treatment or ambulatory intervention in the clinic itself, or, when necessary, with surgical intervention in Hospital in Valencia.

¿Witch illnes do we treat?