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Dr. Sánchez-Alcón (96-228 16 99)

Dr. Mª D. Sánchez-Alcón

Ph.D. "cum laude" in medicine and surgery.
Specialist in Otorhinolaryngology and cervico-facial pathology.

Get to know Dr. Sánchez- Alcón and her work

Dr. Sánchez-Alcón is a specialist in Otorhinolaryngology and is currently the head of the Otorhinolaryngology Department, awarded by her Masters in Health Care Management.

She has an excellent academic record, having received the extraordinary PhD award of 1995 at the University of Valencia.

She is continually training and learning about the innovative techniques and advances in her field and has published numerous scientific and research articles.

Having studied and trained at the University Hospital "La Fe" in Valencia, she has worked for over twenty years as a specialist physician in different hospitals and is currently responsible for the service in Ontinyent Hospital.

Along with Spanish and Valencian, her knowledge of English and French allows her to better communicate with and treat foreign patients.

Over thirty of her articles have been published in prestigious national and international publications. Having had given and attended lectures, conferences and presentations, her commitment to and ongoing interest in staying up to date with the latest techniques is evident.

The doctor, who is a specialist in Otolaryngology, is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nose, ears and throat (ENT) as well as neck ailments. These illnesses affect aspects of our everyday lives such as our voices, hearing, breathing, and balance.

After the necessary questions, she will perform medical tests in order to diagnose your condition. According to the pathology, proper medical treatment or rehabilitation will be prescribed or, if necessary, the appropriate surgical intervention. Surgeries are usually short and on an outpatient basis.

The clinic of Dr. Sánchez-Alcón in Xátiva

Having the most advanced diagnostic means, Dr. Sánchez-Alcón, identifies the patient´s conditions and develops the best strategy for the patient´s recovery. Surgical procedure take place in the hospital Nou d´Octubre, in Valencia.


The clinic is situated in Xativa in the centric “Avenida Academic Maravall, 13”, near the "Jose Ribera" High School, with easy parking spaces on the same street and a five minute walk from the bus stop or Renfe railway station.

We have a reception attended by an assistant, two waiting rooms, an office, and a ward for examination and operation.

As we are provided with the latest diagnostic equipment, the vast majority of the ailments can be effectively diagnosed during the same visit without the need for subsequent tests. With this diagnosis, a treatment plan can be developed with the appropriate pharmacological treatment or ambulatory intervention in the clinic itself, or, if necessary, with surgical intervention in the Nou d'Octubre Hospital in Valencia.


We may need an otorhinolaryngologist if we suffer from a disease or exhibit the following symptoms.

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Find us

In the city center of Xàtiva, Avda. Académico Maravall, 13.
Near the "Jose de Ribera" High School.
Five minute walk from the Renfe train station.
Telephone 96 228 16 99
Mobile 601 11 99 06